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We Solve 3 Types of Problems

Automated Test Systems

For Laboratory Testing & Product Validation

Industrial UPS

For Factory Automation Processes & Equipment

Programmable Power Source

For Technical Research & Development


Manufacturers and engineers come to us when they need to power, test or measure something, and they haven't found an off-the-shelf solution that quite meets their needs.

Sometimes we're a pain in the butt and ask too many questions. It's not because we like to be a pain. We just want your stuff to work.

Field Proven Expertise

Many in our industry are "office-heavy", meaning they employ a robust sales and management team, and then sub-contract designers, builders, electricians and so on. Our structure is quite the opposite.

Our experts are field-tested warriors that know how to think on their feet and get the job done right, while our office is quite light. We know the key to our clients' success is having top talent on our payroll, giving them a vested interest in your success.

Bridging the electrical and engineering aspects in the automation industry has always been a challenge. You are either strong in one or the other. But not at REXGEAR. We have recognized this as a key to making sure our power solutions and automated systems work from the flip of the switch, to years down the road without a hitch.

Experience the REXGEAR Difference for Yourself

Today, REXGEAR has enjoyed great success with a number of long-term clients who consider REXGEAR a fundamental part of their company's success.

Our clients include virtually every size and type of manufacturers and laboratories that depends on reliable power sources and efficient test equipment.

We can show you how to meet and exceed the technical parameters desired by your electrical engineers in the most cost-effective manner, using our intimate knowledge of electrical power dynamics.

REXGEAR Delivers All 3 Categories

At REXGEAR , we take pride in providing cutting-edge, effective and safe technology. You can reduce time spent with validation, cut the amount of lost product, and increase production speed. We have delivered over 200 industrial power solutions and electromechanical test systems.

Test & Measurement Equipment

  • Programmable AC/DC Power Supply
  • Bidirectional DC Power Supply
  • Programmable AC/DC Electronic Load
  • Grid Simulator / PHIL Amplifiers 
  • Hipot and Safety Testers
  • Environmental Chambers and Vibration Shakers
  • Custom RLC Load Bank

Factory Automation Solutions

  • Warehouse Automation & Robotic Solutions
  • Production Testing Solutions
  • Industrial Robot Safety Skin
  • AGV/AMR Solutions
  • CNC machines

Power Line Disturbance Simulation

  • MIL-STD-1399-300 shipboard testing
  • ABD0100 avionics testing
  • IEC61000 EMC testing
  • UL 705 safety testing
  • SAEJ1113-11 automotive standards
  • EN50530 European standards
  • UL 1741/IEEE 1547 test & verification

Other Benefits of Using REXGEAR

When choosing an industrial equipment, It is essential to work with experts who have had actual experience installing, using, and repairing them.

In the unlikely event that no REXGEAR power solution satisfactory meets your unique needs, we are also fully Authorized Distributor for the brands we carry.

Other places may be authorized to distribute products for resale, but only a few are Authorized Service provider (ASP). There are many demands we have to meet, including but not limited to expertise, certification, and operation.

We stock original parts, perform in-warranty repairs, provide technical support, and deliver custom/special orders while maintaining the original warranty. This puts us in the top 2% of the authorized distributors and service providers.

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