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Littelfuse left their "dinosaur" load banks

We decided to move from the "dinosaur" load banks to a regenerative-based system. ITECH was the most innovative and aggressively growing testing platform we came upon - and we haven't looked back.

Arturo Gonzales

Quality Engineer, Littelfuse

Next-Generation Bidirectional Power Supplies

See why so many manufacturers choose ITECH IT6000B/C/D series over competitors. View a feature list comparison and the top reasons laboratories, research facilities and production plants choose our bidirectional power supplies and regenerative electronic loads.

ITECH IT6000C Series Chroma 62000D Series Elektro Automatik PSB 9000 3U Series Keysight RP7900 Series

Regenerative Efficiency

Up to 95%

Up to 93%

Up to 95%

Up to 91.5%

Power Density

Up to 18kW in 3U

Up to 18kW in 3U

Up to 15kW in 3U

Up to 20kW in 3U


Up to 1.152MW

Up to 180kW

Up to 540kW

Up to 200kW


Up to 2250V

Up to 1800V

Up to 1500V

Up to 2000V


Up to 2040A

Up to 540A

Up to 360A

Up to 800A


56 models

9 models

20 models

18 models

Automotive Compliance Tests (Built-in)



EN 61010-1
EN 50160
EN 61000-6-2
EN 61000-6-3


Fuel Cell Test Software (Optional)

FCS3000 Fuel Cell Simulation Software




Battery Test Software (Optional)

BSS2000 PRO Battery Simulation Software

Covers 8 battery types

Battery Cell, Module, Pack Test BatteryPro

Requires purchase of 17011, 17020 or 17030 systems

Battery Simulation (State-of-Charge) BS LI-ION Battery Simulation

Battery Simulation (State-of-Charge) BS LEAD-ACID Battery Simulation


Solar PV Inverter Test Software (Optional)

SAS1000 Solar Array Simulation Software

PV Inverter Testing Solar Array IV Curve Simulator

Requires purchase of 62150H-600S/1000S systems


Advanced/Multi-Input PV Inverter Test Software DG9000A

Data Sources: ITECH IT6000C Datasheet (IT6000C-en.pdf) dated 8/11/2020, Chroma 62000D Datasheet (62000D Datashet 002020.pdf) dated 8/24/2020, Elektro Automatik EA-PSB9000 Datasheet (datasheet_psb9000_en.pdf) dated 4/10/2019, and Keysight RP7900 Datasheet (5992-2335.pdf) dated 10/22/2020.

ITECH ATE Outperforms Legacy Systems

Does your automated test equipment have what you need to stay competitive in today's world? Legacy power supplies and electronic loads are holding you back with their outdated technology. Switch to a partner that's constantly innovating on your behalf. ITECH holds more patents, invests more into R&D, and launches more test solutions than competitors.

100+ Patents

700+ Models

50+ Countries

Ready to Put Cutting-Edge Technology to Work?

The electronic landscape is changing quickly - and the technology behind legacy systems has become obsolete. Make sure you're ready for what's next by powering your business with an ever-evolving testing platform.

Manufacturers Use Us to Increase Production

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