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Full Test of Electric Vehicle Power & Battery

Driver/motor testing

Multiple types of battery testing

Inductive/capacitive load testing

Abundant electronic waveforms

Powerful statistical analysis

Voltage range up to 2250V

Current range up to 2040A

Power range up to 1152kW

Regenerative efficiency up to 95%

Only at Rexgear

Help you select hardware & software with confidence.

Change resistance regulation to 0 ~ 10 Ω before shipping?

On special orders & custom made equipment.

Cut off current at a certain voltage with a feedback loop in Matlab?

Buy with confidence.

To Mexico & United States in 5-8 days.

We Solve Complex Technical Issues so You Can Continue With Your Workload

Is Your Testing Equipment Ready to Take It Up a Notch?

Most Advanced
Technology & Flexibility

From milliampere-grade single cells to megawatt battery packs, the modular ITS5300 battery test system meets the most demanding need of production line testing in large quantities.

Regenerative DC Load

The IT6000B/C/D series are the kind of cutting-edge automated testing equipment (ATE) that can easily meet the test requirements of high power applications with unparalleled efficiency.

World's Smallest
Bidirectional Power Supply

Looking for a better way to perform tests on-site? Then the compact M3600 series from ITECH is a smart multitasker that makes a sound investment.

Manufacturers Use Us to Increase Production

Need Help Choosing the Ideal Power Supply for Your Project?

Rexgear has all the most advanced bidirectional power supplies and regenerative electronic loads for EV traction motors, battery packs, fuel cells, wiper drives, steering pumps, battery management systems, LED drivers, energy storage, and more.

Our modular design breaks through the traditional testing system limitations, allowing you to configure & build test platform according to your own test requirements.

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