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EV Power & Battery Testing

With the accelerated growth of heavy duty electric trucks, power levels are increasing to 1600/2500VDC. Today's EV test equipment needs to be modular and scalable, to address the test requirements of next generation battery, drive-trains, converters and chargers.

Energy Storage & Power Conversion

Many energy storage systems are bidirectional/regenerative allowing AC power to be stored as DC energy until it is needed. Inverter and load management system testing ensure they are efficient, reliable, and safe.

AC Source & Grid Simulation

Grid simulators are the engineer's tool for testing the impacts of voltage and frequency fluctuations on the device and to verify the AC product performance. Bulk AC sources are widely used in test labs for product validation and compliance certification.

Critical Equipment Power Protection

True industrial UPS are designed to secure continuity of critical processes and protect industrial equipment. These application specific, robust UPS are self-contained making routine maintenance safe and easy.

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