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This has been a business changing...

This has been a business changing experience, I feel like using ITECH gives us an unfair advantage over the competition. I'll certainly take it. Awesome!

James, July 29

We went from EA-PSB 9000 3U to IT6000C

We went from Elektro Automatik to ITECH and never looked back. ITECH is an extremely powerful tool that has streamlined our testing process. We can now seamlessly communicate with servers and our down time has been cut in half. Reporting is also awesome. Best single decision we have made.

Rory, Jan 16

This system has revolutionized our testing!

This system has revolutionized how our testing runs. It gives me more information than our previous systems and allows me to filter reports for specific items I am looking to monitor.

Christina, August 17

We were in the market for a new e-load...

We looked at Chroma 62000D and Keysight RP7900 as potential choices, unfortunately their e-loads are very expensive and the hardware and software were limited. We also looked into Regatron and Delta but none of them offered what ITECH has to offer. We need better technology than what we currently have. Rexgear staff, like Deric, helps you and supports you on all issues. The set up was a breeze, we were up and running in no time at all, the training was very helpful, to all my engineers.

Oscar, August 11

Setup and Go!

The implementation was solid and if you have an engineering and programming background this is a very easy transition. The great thing about Rexgear is they are able to help and guide you and no matter your experience level.

The functionality is crazy powerful and fairly straight forward. You can literally make a change using the command line and the change is in full effect and available to your testing operation.

L Martin, Oct 4

I didn't use them at first

When we switched over to Rexgear, I wasn't used to having a team of technicians on our account, so I didn't use them at first. But little by little, I had more questions. They'd recommend things I wasn't even aware of.

Hana Abaza, Sep 16

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