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Rexgear_Itech IT7326HT Programmable AC Power Supply 250/500V 12/6A 9000VA 3 Phase High Resolution High Accuracy
Rexgear_Itech IT7326HT Programmable AC Power Supply 250/500V 12/6A 9000VA 3 Phase High Resolution High Accuracy

ITECH IT7326HT Programmable AC Power Supply 250/500V 12/6A 9000VA 3 Phase High Resolution High Accuracy

In order to meet the bigger range of AC power supply and more complex change characteristics, engineers need more powerful and stable AC power supply to simulate the actual working environment. IT7300 series is the best solution in this area. IT7300 series can be widely applied in the electronics and electrical industry, lighting, aviation, military, specification verification of RD, the use of laboratory testing and factory production online test etc.


  • Precision Linear amplification technology, low noise, high stability
  • High power density design, 300VA for ½ 2U, 1500VA for 3U size, save installation space
  • Adjustable frequency:45HZ-500HZ
  • Adjustable phase angle: 0-360°
  • Set the output slew rate of voltage and frequency
  • High current crest factor for inrush current testing
  • TRIAC Dimmer dimming / governor simulation function
  • Output the changed synchronous TTL signal
  • LIST mode for testing power perturbation (PLD) simulation
  • Simulate the surge, trap waveform
  • Voltage dip, short interruption and voltage change simulation
  • Measure various electrical parameters, including RMS voltage / current, actual power, power factor, VA (apparent power), peak current and other parameters
  • Measurement resolution can reach 0.01W / 0.1mA, meet Energy Star standard requirement
  • Built-in GPIB, RS-232, USB and LAN (support SCPI protocol) (* IT7321 models is without GPIB interface)
  • Support three devices connection through System Bus to achieve three-phase AC power function

Linear amplification technology

IT7300 Series AC Power Supply adopts advanced and high-precision linear amplification design to provide low noise and high stability output. This technology has high-speed response characteristics, stable low noise, it can simulate the abnormal power line, instantaneous voltage rise, drop and power off, and can be applied to ATE and so on.

TRIAC Dimmer simulation function

ITECH is the pioneer of TRIAC Dimmer function.This function is used to do dimming and speed regulating test for lamp or electric motor to ensure the products work well when controller of dimming and speed regulating is needed.

Front edge phase dimming

Back edge phase dimming

No power frequency transformer power supply, low power consumption

IT7300 series AC source provide no power frequency transformer power supply with lower power consumption, it solves output problems of large volume, large heat dissipation and low power caused by using frequency transformer , IT7300 series also provide linear adaptation method between the current and AC voltage in AC source, which solves the problem of high energy consumption and low accuracy.

Waveform simulation

IT7300 series has built-in DDS waveform generator, it has very flexible waveform simulation function. Users can directly set the required power waveform through the panel keys, it can simulate transient power off, surge, trap, specific phase angle on or off, AC sine wave amplitude and frequency range and other characteristics




Surge wave

Trap wave


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