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Rexgear_Itech IT8514C+ Programmable DC Electronic Load 120V 240A 1500W
Rexgear_Itech IT8514C+ Programmable DC Electronic Load 120V 240A 1500W

ITECH IT8514C+ Programmable DC Electronic Load 120V 240A 1500W

IT8500+ series is a single-channel programmable electronic load. With power ranges from 150W to 3000W. The user can perform online voltage measurements and adjustments or simulate short circuit test using the simple keypad on the front panel. It also offers a full-featured battery mode for discharging test. IT8500+ series DC loads are a versatile instrument for static and dynamic testing of power supplies, batteries, DC-DC converters, battery chargers, provides user the best testing solution.

Ordering Info

ModelVoltageCurrentPower Size
IT8511A+ 150V 30A150W 1/2 2U
IT8511B+ 500V 10A150W 1/2 2U
IT8512A+ 150V 30A 300W 1/2 2U
IT8512B+ 500V 15A 300W 1/2 2U
IT8512C+ 120V 60A 300W 1/2 2U
IT8512H+ 800V 5A300W 1/2 2U
IT8513A+ 150V 60A 400W 1/2 2U
IT8513C+ 120V 120A 600W 1/2 2U
IT8514B+ 500V 60A1500W 2U
IT8514C+ 120V240A 1500W2U
IT8516C+ 120V240A3000W4U
Option Interface
IT-E121 RS232 communication cable
IT-E122 USB communication cable


  • Four operating modes: CV, CC, CR, CP
  • Battery test function, automatic test function, OPP test, OCP test function and CR-LED function
  • Dynamic mode up to 10KHz
  • Voltage measurement resolution up to 0.1mV / 0.1mA
  • Remote sense
  • Short circuit function
  • Current monitoring function
  • Power-off memory function
  • 100 groups memory capacity
  • Optional USB / RS232 / RS485 interface*
  • *IT8514B+, IT8514C+, and IT8516C+ have built-in RS232 and USB interface

Automatic Test Function

    IT8500+ supports two automatic test editing modes. One is special automatic test editing mode that can save up to 10 groups of test files, and the other is compatible with the IT8500 automatic test editing mode that can save up to 50 groups of test files, both of which can be called and tested at any time. Test operation is simple, the button can be completely locked to prevent accidental touch on the keyboard from affecting normal testing.

    Constant Current (CC)

    In CC mode, the electronic load will sink a constant current regardless of the changes of input voltage.

    Constant Voltage (CV)

    In CV mode, the electronic load will attempt to sink enough current to control the source voltage to the programmed value.

    Constant Resistance (CR)

    In CR mode, the module will sink a current linearly proportional to the input voltage in accordance with the programmed resistance.

    Constant Power (CP)

    In CP mode, the electronic load will dissipate power in accordance with the programmed value. If input voltage increase, input current will decrease.

    Continuous Mode

    In continuous mode, the electronic load generates a repetitive pulse stream that toggles between two load levels. Load could switch the state between two value settings, A/B.

    Pulse Mode Mode

    In pulse mode, the electronic load generates a transient pulse of programmable width when pulse transient operation is in effect. The load will automatically switch to A level after maintaining A width time. Then it will switch to B level. The load will not switch to A level again until the instrument receives the pulse signal.

    Toggle Mode

    In toggle mode, the electronic load will switch between A level and B level when receiving a trigger signal after the transient operation is enabled. The following picture shows the current waveform in toggle transient operation.

    List Mode

    List mode allows you to generate a complex current sequence. Moreover, the mode change can be synchronized with an internal or external signal, to accomplish dynamic and precise test which can save cost for users. Users can edit step value, pulse width and slope sequence and meet a complex test request. A list file includes following parameters: file name step counts (range 2-84), time width of single step (0.00002s-3600s), step value and slope. The edited list file can be recalled easily. The DC load provides 7 non-volatile registers to save list files setting for recall later. In the list mode, the DC start to run the list file once receiving a trigger signal, continue to run until end of the operation or receiving another trigger.

    Remote Sense

    When working in CC, CV, CP and CR mode, if the electronic load consumes a very large current, it will cause a voltage drop in the leads between the connected device and terminals of the electronic load. In order to ensure testing accuracy, the electronic load provides a pair of remote sensing terminals in the rear panel where users can sense the output terminal voltage of the connected device. Users should set the electronic load in REMOTE SENSE mode before using this function. By eliminating the effect of the voltage drop in the load leads, remote sensing provides greater accuracy by allowing the electronic load to regulate directly at the source's output terminals.

    Battery Mode

    A battery test mode is provided that will measure the ampere*hour (A*hr) characteristic of a battery. It measures the time it takes for a battery voltage to drop to a specified value while drawing a constant current from the battery. There are three stop conditions for IT8500+ series loads: Time, capacity and voltage. In addition, user can make any combination of stop conditions to achieve "And", "Or" relationship. When one or more stop conditions are satisfied, the test is ended and the discharging time, capacity in ampere*hours (A*hrs) of the battery is calculated and displayed on the front panel.

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