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ITECH IT9100 Series Quality Analyzer Power Meter


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The IT9121 power meter can provide the maximum input of 600Vrms and 20Arms and measurement bandwidth of 100KHZ, and can be easily used for measuring the voltage, current, power, frequency, harmonics and other parameters. Through its built-in USB, GPIB, RS232 and LAN interfaces, IT9121 can help users to realize remote control. With the interfaces of USB-based peripheral devices, users can save the measured parameters into the external storage medium. The basic voltage and current accuracy of IT9100 series is 0.1%. Moreover, the power meter has rich active power integrating functions. Widely applied in test of motors, household appliances, UPS, etc.


  • 4.3-inch color LCD (TFT)
  • Input range: 1000 Vrms / 50 Arms
  • Harmonic components *1
  • The accuracy of voltage and current measurement is up to 0.1%
  • The voltage, current, power, harmonics and other parameters can be measured at the same time
  • The power meter has a function of harmonic measurement, and can be used for measuring up to 50th harmonics
  • The power meter has rich and powerful integrating functions, and can be used for measuring electric energy which is bought or sold
  • The interfaces for USB-based peripheral devices are provided, and the user can save data into the external storage medium
  • Standard built-in USB, GPIB, RS232 and Ethernet communication interfaces

*1 Optional function for IT9121E

Electronic Devices with Power Source Unit

  • UPS
  • Household appliances
  • Motor
  • Energy Start
  • Switching Power Supply

Self-Define Interface Display Style

IT9100 series power meter provide a 4.3-inch color high-resolution TFT LCD for the user, and real-time values can be displayed with high brightness and remarkable colors even in a dark test environment. In addition, the IT9121 power meter provides multiple interface display styles (View1,View4 and View12). The user can customize the screen display parameter type and display sequence. The humane design meets engineers’ measurement demands in different tests.

Rich Measurement

The IT9100 power meter can measure all AC and DC parameters, including the active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, voltage, current, frequency, phase difference, etc. It also has the function of integral measurement and up to 50th harmonic measurement. It is widely applied in tests of motors, household PCB, UPS, etc.

Oscilloscope Function

IT9100 series power meter can display the waveform basing on sampling data. You can choose to display or hide the waveform of the input voltage and current. Oscilloscope function of IT9100 series power meter allow users to directly observe the display fluctuations of voltage, current and power trends when testing household appliances performance, and can set the display trends, waveforms, values, histograms. Users can directly capture the waveform and record the value without external oscilloscope via external USB storage interface.

Integral Measurement Function

Due to the power integral function, the sold/bought electric energy in the interconnected power grids can be measured. IT9100 series power analyzer can provide the current integral and active power integral (Wh). Automatic range switching and accurate integral measurement can be carried out in the Buy and Sell mode, according to the input level.

Harmonic Measurement

The IT9121 power meter has a bandwidth of 100KHz, which can realize high-speed harmonic measurement within a wider dynamic range. In the harmonic mode, the voltage, the current, the active power, reactive power and phase of each harmonic and the factor of total harmonic distortion (THD) can be tested.

Line and Frequency Filtering

IT9100 filter out the useless frequency components in the signal, improve the purity of the waveform, so as to improve the test accuracy. The frequency filter refers to filter out the high frequency components of interfere, making the measured frequency parameters more accurate.

Built-in Interface

IT9100 series power meter built-in GPIB/RS232/USB/LAN interfaces without extra purchase, saves you money, and provide USB-Host interface for users, which can be used to connect with U disk directly and save the data and waveform of user test interface.

Current Sensor Input

IT9100 power meter provide measurement range with voltage 0 ~ 1000V, current 0 ~ 50A. For current measurement above 50 A, voltage input current clamp or current sensor can be used. IT9100 allow users to select 50mV-2V (EX1) or 2.5V-10V (EXT2) range.

IT9100 Power Meter Application

Energy Star

Minimum current range of IT9100 series power meter is 5mA, the measured display number is 5, IT9100 can more accurately measure the standby product’s current value, as well as power value, meet the ENERGY STAR test requirements.

Household Appliances Power Consumption

  • 5mA range low current measurements
  • Auto range function
  • IT9100 series power meter can measure power factor, harmonic, efficiency, power consumption, crest factor and other parameters

Motor Testing

  • Long time integral measurement
  • Frequenncy bandwidth: DC 0.5Hz to 100kHz
  • IT9100 power integration function can measure the power grid to sell / buy electricity. IT9100 power meter provides current integration and active power integration (Wh). Can buy and sell electricity, according to the size of the input level, IT9100 can automatically switch range and accurangely perform integral measurement accor

Charging Station

In recent years, with the increasing subsidy efforts of the state on the new energy automotive industry, coupled with gradual improvement of supportive policies, the new energy automotive industry has made considerable progress. However, the construction of supporting facilities such as charging stations will also need to be resolved urgently. ITECH power meter provides a full range of test solutions for the overall equipment of charging station, designed to help users provide a strong basis for charging station design.

  • Charging station efficiency measurement
  • Charging station input harmonic measurement
  • Charging station standby power consumption measurement

Photovoltaic Wind Power

The IT9100 series power meter can accurately measure the input, output voltage, current, power, and other electrical parameters of new energy inverters. And can provide accurate efficiency, harmonics and low voltage ride through testing and other functions.

Input Measurement



Conversion efficiency

Power factor

DC components

Statistical Analysis

Low voltage ride through test

Anti-islanding protection test

Over / under voltage protection

Over / under frequency protection

Power Supply Industry

Switching power supply and UPS power supply are currently one of the most used powers. Switching power supply is widely used in almost all electronic devices with small size, light weight and high efficiency. And UPS is using the inverter principle, to provide stable, uninterrupted power supply to load. Because of the large number of uses, international standards give a clear indicator for switching power supply on the grid harmonic pollution. IT9100 switching power supply can provide a comprehensive parameter measurement for research and development and production stage of switching power supply.

Set the maximum number of THD calculations

  • Just one power meter can complete the efficiency measurement
  • Average active power measurement in integral mode

Model Options

Model Voltage Current Accuracy Interface Size






½ 2U






½ 2U






½ 2U






½ 2U

Now, Here’s the Technical Bit…Such As Rise Time etc.

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