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Rexgear_Preen ADG-L-660-25-8 Programmable DC Power Supply 660V 25A 8kW
Rexgear_Preen ADG-L-660-25-8 Programmable DC Power Supply 660V 25A 8kW

Preen ADG-L-660-25-8 Programmable DC Power Supply 660V 25A 8kW

AC Power Corp. (Preen) introduces its latest programmable DC power supply, ADG-L Series which have 19 models and three different output power, 5kW, 10 kW and 15 kW. Utilizing PWM technology, ADG-L delivers stable output and precise measurement.

Preen’s new ADG-L series is a programmable DC power supply with high power density, low noise, and tight regulation. The combination of DSP and PWM technologies has enabled significant advances in stability and measurements. The ADG-L series includes fourteen models with 4kW, 8kW and 12kW maximum output powers and several Auto Range models to provide a higher output current at lower output voltage. With CV/CC/CP modes and its high voltage and high power features, the ADG-L series is an ideal DC power for applications on photovoltaic (PV), electric vehicle (EV), battery charge simulation, fuse, and contactors. Parallel configuration is available for higher output level.

The ADG-L series is operated via the 5” intuitive touch screen or the rotary knob to quickly access measurements, setting parameters, and configurations. The unit can also be controlled via standard RS-232, RS-485 and Analog remote interfaces or through optional Ethernet, USB, or GPIB interfaces. The built-in simulation function allows devices to be tested to voltage dropouts, spikes and other repetitive testing for voltage and current.

Key Features

  • Up to 1000V Output: Wide range of output voltage for renewable applications
  • Auto Range: Deliver higher current at lower output voltage
  • Output power: 4kW, 8kW and 12kW.
  • Output current: 0~75A or 0~150A (with parallel operation).
  • Output voltage: up to 2000V (with series operation).
  • 5" touch screen and rotary knob control.
  • Wide range of input voltage: 187~264Vac (1 or 3 phase) or 340~460V (3 phase 4 wires Y connection).
  • High power density with only 3U for 12kW.
  • Easy master/slave parallel operation.
  • CV/CC/CP modes.
  • Remote sensing feature for line drop compensation.
  • Built-in programmable feature with total 5 groups and 99 sequences to set up voltage, current and time.
  • Complimentary remote control software available.
  • CE andRoHS certified.
  • Complete protection features including OVP, OCP, OPP, input OVP/UVP and OTP.


  • Standard: 
  • Analog
  • RS-232
  • RS-485
  • Option:
  • GPIB
  • Ethernet
  • USB


  • Home Appliance
  • Laboratory/Certification Bureau
  • Industrial Power Supply
  • Motor & Compressor
  • IT/SMT Production Line
  • Renewable Energy
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Transportation
  • Power Tool
  • Medical Industry
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Communication Industry

User-friendly Touch Screen and Remote Control

Comparing to conventional DC power supplies that provide the same rated current at all output voltage, the ADG-L's auto range models offer a wide operation region. It can generate a higher output current at lower output voltage , or a higher output voltage at lower output current. This feature is an ideal solution for both high current/low voltage and low voltage/high current DUT , and makes one unit to cover a wide range of applications to further save cost and space.

Intuitive Touch Screen and Rotary Knob

Newly added function: the voltage resolution of adjusting the rotary knob can be selected between 0.1V/1V, which increases the convenience of output voltage setting.The ADG-L series employs 5"touch screen and rotary knob to provide intuitive and easyto-use control and display. Users can quickly access output settings , measurements ,sequences and system configurations from the touch screen. Sophisticated sequences can not only be set from the PC but also easily from the touch screen.

Complimentary Control Software and Various Interfaces

The ADG-L series can be controlled via the Preen Program to configure sophisticated sequences, save/recall STEPs, and generate test result reports. This intuitive control software makes remote programming no longer a difficult task.

The DC power supply is equipped with RS-232/RS-485 (MODBUS) for standard interfaces. Optional Ethernet, USB, GPIB and RS-232/RS-485 (SCPI) are also available for better integrations with automatic test systems and the needs of industry 4.0.

Remote Sense Function

In many laboratories or factories, the DC power supply is located a certain distance away from the DUT, and this sometimes causes voltage drop due to the resistance of the wires. The ADG-L is equipped with remote sensing to compensate voltage drops and provide a stable output voltage, and it allows users to have the desired voltage appear at DUT.

Master/Slave Parallel Operation

Through a simple and fast setup, the ADG-L series can generate higher power by connecting identical models in a master/slave parallel operation. Users only need to control the master unit for multiple units’ setup and readbacks. The master unit automatically calculates the parameters and downloads data to slave units to make programming easier and current sharing more precise.

Device Protection

The ADG-L series has multiple levels of protection to safeguard your device. These include over-voltage, over-current, over-power, over-temperature, and input under/over-voltage to shut down the power supply output to prevent fault conditions and further damages.

Screen Lock Password

The ADG-L series has multiple levels of protection to safeguard your device. These include over-voltage, over-current, over-power, over-temperature, and input under/over-voltage to shut down the power supply output to prevent fault conditions and further damages.

Multiple Ways of AC Input Connection

Conventional DC power supplies have only one type of AC input range and one way of input wirings. Different from most of high power DC power supply, the ADG-L series' 8kW and 12kW models offer more than two ways of input connections. For example, the 8kW models can have single phase or three phase input without factory modifications. This feature provides flexibility and convenience for users to operate the unit in different environments.

Error Log for Easy Analysis

The EVENT function of the ADG-L series provides an error log to record critical errors up to 999 items. The log includes date, time and error types to help users better analyze fault conditions.

Programming Sequences and Simulations

Program Setting Page

Wave Page

STEPs exampe

DC Pulse

Slew Rate Control

Voltage Sag

The built-in programming function of the ADG-L series has 99 STEPs for each of the 5 GROUPs. Users can set each STEP's output voltage, output current and time to generate consecutive voltage/current changes or set different rise/ fall time. This built-in function and the ADG-L's control software allow users to create complex DC waveform with sophisticated coding. Making programming the DC power supply an easy task.

Programming Sequences and Simulations

Fast Rise Time

Fast Fall Time

Low Voltage Ripple

Fast Transient Response

The ADG-L series is designed for low ripple, high accuracy and tight regulation for simulating different DC voltages. With fast transient response and rise time, the ADG-L DC sources are ideal to test DUT behavior to voltage sags, dropouts, ON/OFF tests and complex DC waveforms.

High Power Density: 12kW in 3U

Employing PWM technology and DSP-based control , Preen’s ADG-L series DC power supply has 12kW available only in 3U package , and with parallel configuration , 24kW only has 6U height. The rackmount enclosure is designed to accommodate a wide range of applications , especially for automatic test systems and integrations.

High Power Density: 12kW in 3U

The single unit power of ADG-L series can reach up to 12kW, and can be expanded to 60kW through parallel connection, or can output up to 2000V through series connection. Each unit can be set as Master or Slave. The user can freely combine ADG-L series according to the load test requirements, thereby increases flexibility of the application.

Analog Control (V/I)

PinName Description
1Vset-OVP Analog control input: 0-5 Vdc= 0-110% of full-scale output voltage
6Vset Analog control input: 0-5 Vdc= 0-100% of full-scale output voltage
7Vo-FB Analog output for voltage measurement
14Iset-OCP Analog control input: 0-5 Vdc=0-110% of full-scale output current
15PS-ON Control signal for the device ON/OFF: a logic-high state (5V) is to turn ON the device; a logic-low state (0V) is to turn OFF the device
20Iset Analog control input: 0-5 Vdc=0-100% of full-scale output current
21Io-FB Io-FB

HMI Output Calibration

ADG-L series can perform output calibration via HMI, simple connection of voltmeter / current meter and instructions on the screen, thus improving the convenience of calibration.

0.99 Input Power Factor

The ADG-L series is equipped with active Power Factor Corrector (PFC) to enhance input PF up to industry-leading 0.99, which helps reduce the interference on the grid.

1. Effectively increase real power (P) and reduce reactive power (Q) for better energy saving and operation cost.
2. Able to suppress peak current and power loss to have lower harmonic distortions.
3. Reduce input current to have compact and high power density DC sources.
4. Save more energy and lower carbon footprint for better environment.
5. The ADG-L series (with PFC) v.s. Conventional DC Sources (no PFC)

For a 12kW ADG-L model with 3-phase 4-wire 220/380V input, when power factor (PF) increases from 0.7 to 0.99 and efficiency improves from 0.8 to 0.9, input power (apparent power) can effectively reduce 40% for energy saving.

ADG-L Panel

1. Power Switch
2. Touch Screen
3. Rotary Knob
4. Output / Reset Button
5. DC negative output terminal
6. DC positive output terminal
7. Remote Sense Connector
8. USB interface (for firmware update)
9. CANBUS terminal resister switch
10. Serial and parallel switch
11. RS-485 terminal resister switch
12. Accessory power outlet
13. RS-232/RS-485 interface (standard)
14. RS232/RS485 Interface switch
15. Analog interface
16. Optional communication interface (USB/Ethernet/GPIB)
17. Input terminals


ADG-L Series Single-Phase Output (4kW - 12kW)

ADG-L-160-25 Programmable DC Power Supply (4kW/160V/25A)
ADG-L-160-50 Programmable DC Power Supply (8kW/160V/50A)
ADG-L-160-75 Programmable DC Power Supply (12kW/160V/75A)
ADG-L-330-12 Programmable DC Power Supply (4kW/330V/12A)
ADG-L-330-24 Programmable DC Power Supply (8kW/330V/24A)
ADG-L-330-36 Programmable DC Power Supply (12kW/330V/36A)
ADG-L-500-24 Programmable DC Power Supply (12kW/500V/24A)
ADG-L-660-12 Programmable DC Power Supply (12kW/660V/12A)
ADG-L-1000-12 Programmable DC Power Supply (12kW/1000V/12A)
ADG-L-330-25-4 Programmable DC Power Supply (4kW/330V/25A) (Auto Range Model)
ADG-L-330-50-8 Programmable DC Power Supply (8kW/330V/50A) (Auto Range Model)
ADG-L-330-75-12 Programmable DC Power Supply (12kW/330V/75A) (Auto Range Model)
ADG-L-660-25-8 Programmable DC Power Supply (8kW/660V/25A) (Auto Range Model)
ADG-L-1000-25-12 Programmable DC Power Supply (12kW/1000V/25A) (Auto Range Model)
ADG-L-001 Single-Phase Input Power Cord 3m (for 4kW/8kW)
ADG-L-002 Single-Phase Input Power Cord 5m (for 4kW/8kW)
ADG-L-003 Three-Phase Input Y Connection Power Cord 3m
ADG-L-004 Three-Phase Input Y Connection Power Cord 5m
ADG-L-005 Three-Phase Input Δ Connection Power Cord 3m
ADG-L-006 Three-Phase Input Δ Connection Power Cord 5m
ADG-L-007 RS-232/RS-485/USB/Ethernet (SCPI) Interface Board
ADG-L-008Multiple Units Connection Cord DB25 (Male *2) 50cm
ADG-L-013GPIB Interface Board

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