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Rexgear RG33-U0175 Industrial UPS 175kVA

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Purpose Built for Critical Power Requirement

We make custom UPS system for unique load profiles: laser cutters, CNC machines, coolant pumps, and exhaust fans.

Rexgear UPS systems are true industrial, long life UPS designed for harsh electrical and environmental conditions. They offer superior levels of protection against all the input power-related problems and provides clean power to the connected loads.

Features & Advantages

  • Multi-CPUs and controllers eliminate hardware and software single points of failure
  • Advanced IGBT inverters controlled by drivers specifically designed to protect transistors
  • Built-in failsafe modular system design for easy maintenance
  • Individual phase regulation for improved efficiency and lower current distortion
  • Smart battery charger with temperature, type, and age compensation to prolong lifespan
  • True galvanic isolation at both input and output eliminate any current leakage or mode noise

Reliable Power for Industrial Manufacturers

When rotating element of a motor runs faster than its voltage drive control, this motor begins to act as a generator and feeds energy back to the source. Most online UPS are not designed to handle this re-generative energy and will fail. High back EMF is very common in industrial applications:

  • Drilling, milling, cutting (CNC machines, high speed stamping presses)
  • Sudden acceleration or deceleration to a stop (sluice gates, cold storage systems)
  • Mechanical arm, flywheel (conveyors, elevators)
  • Sudden surge or drop in current (sheet metal laser cutters)

Complete Protection, Safety & Compliance

The power supply requirement of industrial automation, testing and measurement equipment are especially demanding, with strict constraints required to ensure they work properly. Conventional power conditioners do not come close to delivering the level of immunity provided by a purpose-built UPS. Our UPS offers the following protection:

  • Power grid black out, under voltage and spikes or lightning
  • Voltage variations, frequency variations, RFI and EMI
  • High power factor up to 0.93 (optional)
  • Less than 1% non-linear THD (optional)
  • Can handle 100% unbalanced load conditions
  • Emergency stop switch and comprehensive input/output protection

Ordering Info

RG33 Series Three Phase In Three Phase Out (30kva - 320kVA)

Model Description


Industrial UPS 30kVA


Industrial UPS 50kVA


Industrial UPS 75kVA


Industrial UPS 100kVA


Industrial UPS 120kVA


Industrial UPS 150kVA


Industrial UPS 175kVA


Industrial UPS 200kVA


Industrial UPS 240kVA


Industrial UPS 270kVA


Industrial UPS 300kVA


Industrial UPS 320kVA

Optional Accessories

Model Description


RS232 Interface


RS485 Interface


USB Interface


RJ45 Ethernet Card


PC Software for Advanced Monitoring (up to 99 UPS Systems)


Handheld Device for Remote Monitoring (Wireless Range up to 1000 Meters)

Please Contact Us for the Following

  • Product selection, customization
  • Data sheets, user manual, software
  • Technical support, code troubleshooting
  • Warranty, calibration, service plans

Only at Rexgear

Dedicated Engineer
Helping you select the ideal hardware & software with confidence.

Customized Equipment
Split phase? 400Hz?

Short Lead Time
On special orders & custom made UPS.

Technical Support
Cold start without an AC source?

When choosing an industrial equipment, It is essential to work with experts who have had actual experience installing, using, and repairing them. This puts us in the top 2% of the authorized distributors and service providers.

We can make you a custom UPS system based on any of our standard product.

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