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Rexgear_Rigol DS7024 200MHZ Digital Oscilloscope with 4 Channles, 10GSa/Sec Sampling
Rexgear_Rigol DS7024 200MHZ Digital Oscilloscope with 4 Channles, 10GSa/Sec Sampling

Rigol DS7024 200MHZ Digital Oscilloscope with 4 Channles, 10GSa/Sec Sampling

MSO7000/DS7000 series is a multifunctional and high-performance digital oscilloscope designed on the basis of the UltraVision II technology developed by RIGOL. Integrating 7 independent instruments into one, the MSO7000/DS7000 series is equipped with super high sample bandwidth ratio, extremely high memory depth, clear display, excellent waveform capture rate, and powerful data analysis functions. Many of its specifications have reached the top level in the industry. With sound solutions for mainframes, optional&accessories, and application software, it has aroused great attention from customers in the areas such as industrial control, power supply, and automotive electronics.

The 7000 Series Oscilloscopes combines best in class sampling and memory depth with our modern, flexible User Interface enabled by our new UltraVision II architecture and innovative Phoenix Chipset. With 100 to 500 MHz models each with 4 analog channels, the 7000 Series brings innovative analysis and visualization capabilities to embedded design, power analysis, serial decode, and RF applications. Analyze your critical signals with zone triggering, 7 instruments in 1, Enhanced FFTs, color grading, and histograms all supported by the high sample rate, deep memory, and full memory measurements.


  • Analog bandwidth: 500 MHz, 350 MHz, 200 MHz, and 100 MHz; bandwidth upgrade option supported
  • 4 analog channels, 1 EXT channel, and 16 digital channels (Option)
  • Up to 10 GSa/s real-time sample rate
  • Up to 500 Mpts memory depth (Option)
  • High waveform capture rate (over 600,000 waveforms per second)
  • Up to 450,000 frames of hardware real-time and ceaseless waveforms recording and playback functions
  • Integrates 7 independent instruments into 1, including digital oscilloscope, 16-channel logic analyzer, spectrum analyzer, arbitrary waveform generator, digital voltmeter, 6-digit frequency counter and totalizer, and protocol analyzer
  • A variety of serial protocol triggers and decodes
  • Auto measurement of 41 waveform parameters; full-memory hardware measurement function
  • A variety of math operations, built-in enhanced FFT analysis, and peak search function
  • Waveform histogram analysis (standard)
  • Independent search, navigation keys, and event table
  • Built-in advanced power analysis software (option)
  • User-defined one-key quick operation
  • 10.1-inch capacitive multi-touch screen, 256-level intensity grading display, with color persistence
  • Multiple interfaces available: USB HOST&DEVICE, LAN(LXI), HDMI, TRIG OUT, and USB-GPIB
  • Web Control remote command
  • Unique online version upgrade
  • Novel and delicate industrial design, easy to operate

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Specifitacion RIGOL DS7000 Tektronix MDO3000 Keysight DSOX3000T
Bandwidth 100/200/350/500 MHZ 100/200/350/500/1000 MHZ 100/200/350/500/1000 MHZ
Channels 2 or 4 analog + 16 digital 2 or 4 analog + 16 digital 2 or 4 analog + 16 digital
Max Sample Rate 10GSa/sec  2.5GSa/sec up to 500MHZ
5 GSa/sec at 1GHz
5 GSa/sec
Memory Depth 100 MPts (std) / 500 MPts (opt) 40 MPts (10 MPts per channel) 4 MPts
Vertical Sensitivity 1 mV/div 1 mV/div 1 mV/div
Waveform Capture Rate >600,000 wfm/sec >280,000 wfm/sec (fast acq) 1,000,000 wfm/sec
Automated Measurements 41 (with precision mode) 3037
Measurement Statistics Yes Yes Yes
Logic Analysis Yes (MSO Models) Yes (MSO Option) Yes (MSO Option)
Zone Trigger Yes Yes - Visual Trigger Yes
Hardware Record and Playback Yes - up to 450,000 events No Yes (Segmented Memory)
FFT Spectrum Display up to 1 MPts with color density and Yes Yes - 60 KPts
Display 10.1 inch Touch (1024x600) 9 inch (800 x 480) 8.5 inch Touch (800/480)
Video out HDMI Yes - VGA VGA (optional)
Trigger Types 13 standard/ 9 optional: Zone, Edge, Pulse, Runt, Window, Nth Edge, Slope, Video, Pattern, Delay, Time Out, Duration, Setup/Hold; RS232/UART, I2C, SPI, CAN, LIN, FLEXRAY, I2S, MIL-STD-15539 Standard/11 Optional: Edge, Sequence, Pulse width, Timeout, Runt, Logic, Setup and Hold; Rise/Fall, Video, Parallel, 12C, SPI, RS232/UART, USB 2.0, CAN, CAN-FD, LIN, FlexRay, Mil- std 1553, Arinc-429, Audio Buses13 Standard/14 Optional: Zone, Edge, Edge then B, Pulse width, Runt, Setup/Hold, Rise/Fall, Nth Edge, Pattern, OR, Video, Enhanced Video, USB, I2C, SPI, RS232/UART, 125, CAN, LIN, CXPI, FlexRay, Mil-Std 1553, ARINC 429, SENT, User Defined
Protocol Analysis Optional Optional Optional
Integrated ARB 2ch/25MHz option (MSO Only) 1ch/50MHz option 1ch/20MHz option
Starting Price (USD) $2,699 $3,550 $3,557

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