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Rexgear_Sanwood Walk-in Temperature Humidity Test Chamber-9700L
Rexgear_Sanwood Walk-in Temperature Humidity Test Chamber-9700L
Rexgear_Sanwood Walk-in Temperature Humidity Test Chamber-9700L
Rexgear_Sanwood Walk-in Temperature Humidity Test Chamber-9700L

Sanwood Walk-in Temperature Humidity Test Chamber-9700L

Testing Chamber Industry

Chambers upgrade constantly, exported to more than 40 countries and regions. Thriving and expanding to become the leading brand in the global safety and reliability environmental testing chamber industry.

Energy-saving design: Adopting PID + PWM principle of VRF (refrigerant flow control) technology to achieve low-temperature energy-saving operation (electronic expansion valve according to thermal energy conditions refrigerant flow servo control technology) low temperature working state, the heater does not participate in the work, through PID + The PWM regulates the flow rate and flow direction of the refrigerant, and regulates the three-way flow of the refrigerant pipe, the cold bypass pipe, and the hot bypass pipe to achieve automatic constant temperature to the working chamber. This method can reduce energy consumption by 30% under low temperature conditions. The technology is based on Danish Danfoss' ETS series of electronic expansion valves, which can be used to smoothly adjust the cooling capacity for different cooling capacity requirements, that is, to achieve the compressor cooling capacity adjustment when different cooling rate requirements are met.

Walk-in test chamber introduction

Walk-in Environmental Testing Chamber is consist of Control Panel, electrical panels, moisturizing plate blower,heater, humidifier, freezer. It provides a large spare to test the temperature and humidity for large-scale parts, semi-finished products, it applied to test products that large-scale or the quantity more, such as: computer terminals, vehicle parts.

Product features

  • Walk-in temperature and humidity test chamberThe world's first built-in USB2.0 interface, digital recorder ( can hot-swappable at any time during the records)
  • Industrial vertical full-color multi-language programmable touch control system
  • The world's first test to be the end of the evaluation back to normal temperature protection mechanism
  • Apply to larger size products test or large amount products test
  • Standard modular design stainless steel plate and salt steel as the main material
  • According to customers size and design required, we can provide them corresponding scheme
  • Can open the indoor. Security door and leakage circuit breaker protection device
  • Synchronous safety control of testing power supply and safety protection device for testing products
  • RO reverse osmosis water filter automatic water supply device for humidity using
  • Inner box SUS#304; Outer case: color steel plate material
  • Strong and powerful German bock semi hermetic compressor
  • Four group Server Valve, the most appropriate amount of refrigerant control
  • Energy-saving 30%, water-saving 20%; Environment-friendly refrigerant
  • Four groups of temperature. A set of humidity sensor control
  • Heating load automatic servo control to adjust refrigerant flow rate, which can withstand the traditional constant temperature and humidity room heat load of more than 3 times

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